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Ann -59 Years Old

77 LBS IN 22 Weeks GONE with Maximum Slim!

"As a young woman, I always had a great figure size 4 standing 5.9 F tall. After my 3rd child at the age of 34, I started gaining weight and kept gaining and losing weight throughout the years. About 10 years ago, when I entered menopause it even got worse and I had ballooned to a size 18 with a weigh 220 pounds not only was I 220 pounds but I also experience a lot of health problems, high blood pressure, Lower backaches, problem with my knees, etc. I was always tired and had no energy at all. I had become a total different person than I was before. I was introduced to Maximum Slim and decided to give it a try even though skeptical I was amazed at the results that I was starting to see with the use of Maximum Slim and after 1 week, I had much more energy, my cravings were enormously reduced, and above all I had lost my first 9 pounds. I have never been so motivated in my whole life. I was motivated to improve my eating habits to more vegetables, proteins like fish and lean meats, lots of fruit and lots of water. I started to eat 5 to 6 times a day but much smaller portions and I promised myself only to eat healthy meals that were low in calories. After my first month, I had lost 22 Pounds, and 18 weeks later I had lost 55 Extra Pounds! Now that I have lost all this weight I feel like a new person and young again. I have a lot of energy, I don’t feel I I’m almost sixty but rather like 40. To maintain my weight loss, I still use the Maximum Slim once or twice a week and I exercise 2 times a week. I have gotten a new take on life and that is why I would recommend anybody to use Maximum Slim. Thanks to Maximum Slim I life a Healthier lifestyle and I am a very happy person. If I can do it anybody else can!”

*Results are atypical and may vary from one person to another.

Annette F. - Florida

More ENERGY after my Twins! 75lbs Lighter!

"After my twins were born, I was so tired that all l did was eat and sleep, with their schedule. Which mean I was eating in the middle of the night. I realized that I was up to a big 225lbs. A friend of my introduced me to Maximum Slim. This coffee gave me LIFE! As the twins grew older, I was had energy to keep up with them. I could go back to work full time and not be tired. I have back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! Over 75lbs lighter!

Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee was one of the best things I ever tried!

Mark S. - New York, NY

40 LBS GONE with Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee!

"I've tried everything under the sun to lose weight, and nothing ever seemed to work. And then my wife suggested that I try Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee because she was losing was fast and it was so easy. So, although I was a little skeptical at first because I was thinking right from the start…this isn't going to work because all the others didn't work. But I started seeing results and my beer belly began to get smaller. So, I just want to say, thank you to Maximum Slim because now
I've dropped 40lbs and I have more energy every day to be more productive at work and still come home and throw the ball around with my kids in the back yard. I FEEL GREAT and I will be a Maximum Slim family member for life!"

*Results are atypical and may vary from one person to another.

Belinda M. - Houston, TX

20lbs GONE with Maximum Slim

"I have to start out by saying that I absolutely love the energy that Maximum Slim gives me. I used to get tired in the middle of the day and my energy level would be extremely low. But once I started drinking Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee, which was referred to me by a co-worker, I felt a boost of energy in that same day. I have lost 20lbs and I couldn't have done it without Maximum Slim. And since I am a devoted coffee drinking, I not only loved the rich coffee taste that Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee offers, but it was so easy to incorporate just one cup of day in my normal daily routine. So, thank you Maximum Slim for your great slimming coffee!

*Results are atypical and may vary from one person to another.

Janice H. - Miami, FL

Lost inches!

"Because of Maximum Slim, I have lost inches in my waist, hips, thighs and all the areas of my body that I've been having trouble losing weight in for years. So now I have my hour glass shape body back that is slimmer and trim, and I'm not embarrassed to go to beach in my bikini. Plus, with those great tips from your health and fitness experts, I have also tightened up my butt, abs, arms and legs as I've continued to lose the weight. I love it and I love Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee!"

*Results are atypical and may vary from one person to another