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30-Day Direct Advantage Program

Direct Advantage Program Discount

Sign up for the 30-Day Supply Direct Advantage Program to get started on the fast track to losing weight and becoming a New Slimmer YOU in just 30 Days!

Why wait any longer to get a Maximum Slim body when you can you can get it 30 days from now? Sign up today to receive a 25% instant discount on this program. So now you will have ALL the tools you need to get your MAXIMUM Slim body in just 30 days. You may cancel at anytime. So you have nothing to lose, but weight. Sign up TODAY to LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT!

Maximum Slim is a delicious way to help you get started on your weightloss goals.

Our Original Green Coffee is an all natural, rich-tasting coffee that is easy to prepare, full of antioxidants and can help:

  • Burn carbohydrates
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Provide a healthy energy boost
  • Slim your waistline
  • Reduce your appetite

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